Different Types of Romance

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

One of my favorite 'meanings' of the word romantic is : marked by the imaginative or emotional appeal of what is heroic, adventurous, remote, mysterious, or idealized.

People usually associate romance with love & relationships. And yes, of course, they should be associated. However, there are so many other types of romance. To get started, let's look at romantic love.

Falling in love

Love and Romance may go hand in hand. Usually, there is some sort of courtship that takes place, which woo's the other into a feeling of bliss and excitement. The emotional feelings you receive may make every day life feel less dull, more enlightening. Some complain that after awhile the romance goes out of a relationship and their lives become more routine and the color fades a bit each day. (That's for a whole other blog piece.) Moving on, I want to talk about other types of Romance. Not just the type associated with a partner.


Have you ever stayed in a Hotel, perhaps on your honeymoon or some other weekend away and thought? "Oh wow, this room looks amazing". Or better yet, seen pictures posted online where the rooms look so breathtaking that you want to spend your days sipping coffee and reading books in the comfort of these rooms!

Here are some examples of what romantic rooms may look like:

You can choose to be surrounded by the feeling of romance. You can design your home to add that flair and drama that can bring you an escape from every day stresses in your life. If you can't afford to run out and buy new things. Start with what you may have around your home already.

Candles. The right lighting in a room can bring out an aura of romance.

Curtains. Dig out some old curtains. You will be surprised how you can use them, drape them over tables for instance. Sometimes deviate from the typical curtain rod and get ideas from pictures online of how you can drape curtains to give them a more flowing look.

Thrift Stores. I've found so many items for such little cost at thrift stores. Keep an eye out for lace cloth, mirrors and lamps. Lamps add a degree of or romance to the decor, especially when you get that glow from the bulb beneath the lampshade. You can even get different colored bulbs. I always seem to think that golden/yellow glow works best to capture a warm earthy feeling. Get a low watt bulb. If you have dimmers, even better!

Fairy String lights. String lights can turn any room warm. Don't overdo it. I keep a small lit tree in my home. I love the glow from the mini lights! Google the word 'rooms with string lights' to get inspiration!

Flowers. Flowers can get expensive. Why not start a garden? There isn't anything better than fresh cut flowers! Although, the alternative can be fake ones. Which actually work pretty nicely to still add color and design to a room. Don't forget to pin a flower in your hair!

Furniture. Again Thrift shops, antique shops. Furniture can really shape the feel of your home. If you can't afford to buy anything new or even used. Why not add just a few elements to what you already have? If you have some unused wood around the house, wood that you may have removed from another project, make yourself a headboard for your bed. Add some string lighting and you have a whole new look. Learn how to refinish old furniture, something simple like a end table. You can pick tables up in yard sales for cheap!

Pictures. Pictures are a low cost item (at times) that can add so much ambience to a room. Add lighting over any picture to really enhance the wall decor!

Let's take a look at other ideas for Romance...


Yes clothes can be romantic! Especially something handed down through generations. We have all seen those stories where you rummage through an old box in the attic to find your great grandmother's wedding dress, or any dress for that matter? Maybe we are not all creative enough to fix up an old dress like in the movies, but the alternative is to find something antique at yard sales and thrift shops. And not just antique dresses. You can add romance to clothing by just applying a few accessories!

Jewelry. Adding necklaces, rings or bracelets to your outfit can bring out the romance in it. Don't forget pearls or beaded jewelry.

Purse. The picture below is a perfect idea of adding a romantic flair by owning a heart-shaped bag!

Glasses. Glasses, whether sunglasses or every day glasses, which comes in so many styles can add a mysterious romantic gesture to your outfit.

Shoes. This should go without saying. Who doesn't love shoes! If you feel your shoes are a bit plain, add a little bit of beading with jewels or metals!

So, don't think of clothes as just sexy anymore. Think of your outfits as a form of romance!


Oh the sweet, melancholy sound of music! Or the upbeat and dance style of music!

Either way music can most definitely set the mood.

It doesn't matter what type of music you enjoy. Music can move the soul.

It can be a mood changer for sure!

What other types of Romance can you describe? Write below and let me know!

~~ Rosemary

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